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I have spent over a decade practicing and perfecting The Lotus Path Curriculum and Past Life Regression Therapy. I've had the privilege of teaching men and women from all over the globe how to live a better life by resolving spiritual imbalances and facing their past life karmas in the process.

Past Life Therapy is controversial. Reincarnation has not always been a widely accepted definition of how the afterlife works. Regardless of how science and religion view the notion of reincarnation, my years of experience are proof-of-concept that it matters. Many people think past lives memories affect only past life problems. But in fact, past lives repeat on a daily basis. Therefore, any emotional healing you go through affects your past and present lives.

Past Life Therapy is comparable to Trauma-Focused Therapy. Your past lives affect your behavioral health as a result of the karmic struggles. That is why I feel it is important to approach past and present life trauma with holistic solutions, so no loose ends escape the healing process.

Being able to positively affect so many lives throughout the years has been extremely rewarding. As a Spiritual Educator, I've acquired an abundance of valuable wisdom about the psychology of the mind, the health of the body, and the mysteries of the soul. So it brings me great joy to be able to share all of that knowledge and wisdom here with you!

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Holistic Spirituality is a transcendent journey for the health and wellness of your mind, body, and soul. Spiritual health affects your everyday life in many ways. Take for example your Circadian Rhythms, which is your body's response to its environment during your every twenty-four-hour cycle. Your mental behavior is heavily influenced by your level of rest, which depends on how much you sleep. But do you ever think about where your soul travels at nighttime? What is the purpose of your life when your eyes are closed?

You spend about a third of your life connected to energy beyond the physical world. Like when you dream at night, when you sing your heart out in the car, or when you meditate on the weekends. Your physical health and emotional balance depend on your relationship with the spiritual world. It is your job to make that relationship a healthy one.

Spiritual health affects the cadence of your body, inspires your mind, and holds sway over your soul energy. For spirituality to make a maximum impact in your life, you need a holistic focus on your healing and conscious awareness. Attaining wholeness in your life is absolutely possible when you respect your connection to the divine and honor your spirituality. I want you to start thinking about your own spirituality in a more holistic manner. I want you to manifest your dreams into reality. I promise that you can achieve just that and more when you prioritize your own personal journey, nurture the careful balance within your soul, and stay consciously aware of who you truly are.

I'm delighted to share my personal and professional experiences here with you. I hope that my spiritual knowledge will inspire you to continue along your path towards self-discovery and enhance your spiritual awakening through holistic awareness. Learn more about Holistic Spirituality here at my Spiritual Health and Wellness Blog:

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