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How to Survive Being an Empath

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

“Empathy can be your Greatest Strength”

What makes you human? Is it your cultural upbringing, the mistakes you make, or your ability to create art? In my experience, humanity depends on the time and place. Humanity today is technologically advancing at exponential rates. But hundreds of years ago, we were still struggling to get an envelope from one side of the world to the other. So if there was a key characteristic that made you human when you were born, it's has nothing to do with your physical appearance, where you were raised, and what you've been taught.

Let's look deeper! What separates us from an animal at the zoo or a machine in a factory is that we have conscious awareness. We have a soul full of emotions and intelligence. The way we communicate is uniquely human. We express ourselves with an array of complex emotions. Words are just the beginning with regards to how we communicate. Underneath every word, every look, every hug, and every stare is an emotional intention. Being able to connect on a deep emotional level is necessary to communicate your humanity.

Empathy is the ordinary ability to understand and resonate with the feelings of other people. Empathy is also an extraordinary intuitive ability to relate to someone's emotions as if those feelings are really your own. When your empathy is so deep that you find that the emotions of others can be captivating or intrusive, you might just be what's known as an Empath. An Empath is a spiritual person whose empathy has been magnified by their dormant intuitive gifts as they awaken. Being an Empath can make your social life very complex. It can also be very stressful and be the reason that you tend to isolate yourself so that you feel secure.

Common characteristics of being an Empath:

  • An affinity for spirituality.

  • An inner knowing and intuition.

  • A daydreamer with a big imagination.

  • Truthseeker with a natural ability to see through lies.

  • Emotionally overwhelmed in public places.

  • Sensitivity to violence, chaos, and agony.

  • Emotional instability and mood swings.

  • Picking up the physical pain of others.

  • Taking on other people's emotions as your own.

  • Being a magnet for people with emotional stress.

​Experiencing moments of heightened empathy is a natural occurrence, especially in highly sensitive people. But when you begin to show signs of a spiritual awakening all while discovering your heightened emotional resonance with others, your soul is telling you something special. Your intuition is blooming in a chaotic world and every bit of it hurts.

Empathy Inspired my Spiritual Awakening

I first realized I was an Empath when I was just 16 years old. Throughout my adolescence, I experienced sharp emotional spikes in my personality and sudden mood swings when I was surrounded by many people. I tried avoiding large crowds of people. I almost felt like my identity would get lost in translation when I was in public. People's voices would cloud my thoughts and my feelings would run wild in response to their emotional expressions. One day, found myself feeling a jolt of anger in an algebra class. Ten seconds later, another student has an abrupt outburst on the other side of the classroom. That was the day that I knew something different was happening to me.

I paid close attention to how I was feeling from that day forward. I started to take note of every second of every day to see if it would happen again. A week later, it happened again with a student who spilled water all over themselves. I literally felt the water wash over me moments right before it happened to her at the front of the classroom. I started realizing that I was developing an empathic perception of the future. I started to practice these techniques on my own and I learned that I could read people's emotions when I was in close proximity though I had no clue how I was doing it.

After doing some research, I concluded that maybe I was psychic. I joined a few psychic forums online and found out about a popular term people were identifying with: Empath. That's when I learned what being an Empath was all about. I felt at peace knowing that I wasn't alone anymore, but I had no idea that the empathy was going to get more intense as time passed. My mood swings around family and friends started to get progressively worse. I was feeling so many things at once. It was too intense for me after a while. It was no longer the fun realization I found online. It was all too real and it was painful. I decided to isolate myself from my friends and distance myself from my family. I chose to block out my new intuitive gift for the sake of my sanity. It was already tough enough being a teenager, but being an Empath on top of that amplified my adolescent dilemmas tenfold.

When I was in college, I decided to give spirituality another try. I was far away from the chaos at home and in life, so it finally felt like the right time. I joined online spiritual communities again to find people like me. I quickly realized that trying to tame my empathy was a mistake that set me backward on my spiritual path. When I started to embrace my strong affinity for intuitive empathy, I started to evolve in ways I never imagined possible.

A year later, I found Luna Dawn on an online forum about indigo children and light-workers. I felt that no one would ever understand how I see the world for many years prior. But when I met Luna, everything changed. I realized that I was never alone all this time. Luna taught me that being an Empath was not something to be ashamed of and that embracing it was the only way to really know myself. She taught me how to open my mind to past lives and it changed my life. I learned to finally accept my emotional sensitivities as a strength instead of a weakness. I was evolving into a man I could be proud of. Being an Empath was a stepping stone for becoming the Spiritual Practitioner that I am now.

7 Personal Tips on how to be an Empath

  1. Embrace solitude: Alone time is very important to an Empath survival. Isolation isn't always a good thing, but you will need to learn how to seek solitude in a healthy way. I used to believe that being alone was a sign that no one enjoyed my company or that I had no social skills, but the truth was that being alone helped me exhale after a long day. Solitude is essential to let it all go at the end of the day. If you don't honor your emotional sensitivities, you run the risk of becoming depressed because your spirit cannot find a release from the daily stress it takes on from other people.

  2. Find your tribe: People like you have a deeper understanding of social dynamics. You might be naturally prone to making deep connections with other people due to your intense emotional nature. People with strong empathy can better relate to intelligent and free-thinking people much like themselves. It's best for you to surround yourself with people on the same emotional wavelength as you. Seek out other Empaths!

  3. Meditate at least once a day: Being an Empath is like having a sticky aura and all through the day, you are catching other people's thoughts and feelings on your web. So at the end of the day, you need some way to relax and release all these emotions from your web. Make the most of your solitude by surrounding yourself with a relaxing environment to meditate in. Try creating a space for your own Zen. Your home is your temple and you should treat it as such. Meditate every day! It doesn't have to be for long. Sometimes a little goes a long way, so try 10 minutes a day for starters. Clear your mind and focus who you are. Make your home feel like a blissful retreat.

  4. Express yourself through art: Empaths are very creative people with a natural passion for art. Creating artwork is a great way to let off a little steam when you get stressed. When I would become overwhelmed, I would tend to draw in a sketchbook and it made me feel much better. So if you're an Empath, one of the best things you can do is embrace art as a form of emotional release. You can become a musician, painter, sculptor, chef, and even a dancer to express your artistic side. Open yourself up to new horizons and get creative!

  5. Eat healthily and exercise: Empaths are sensitive to the energy that food holds, so make sure your food is as natural as possible. Junk food and artificial preservatives will only lower your emotional vibrations. Try eating fresh produce and stay away from greasy foods too. Keep your emotions and spirit feeling liberated by eating healthy foods with great energy. And to keep that energy flowing, enjoy some physical exercise during the day. Yoga is a great way to keep your body healthy and your soul energy balanced. My personal favorite is Tai-Chi.

  6. Make Emotional Music Choices: Sounds and voices affect Empaths deeper than most people. Sound waves carry emotional energy inside them and Empaths can feel the emotional vibrations carried within it. Be aware that you have the ability to empathize with sound. You will find yourself having a deep raw connection with music. Music can take an Empath on a journey most people cannot feel in a great song. Use music to your advantage and choose songs based on how you feel that day. Music that has no words with just melodies has a profoundly positive effect on Empaths, so try it out! Make emotional music choices so that you are in control of how sound affects you.

  7. Spend Time In Nature: Empaths have a strong connection with nature since they are inherently spiritual. So change up the scenery and take your solitude to the outdoors. The same meaningful solitude you have in your room can be found in a park under a tree or a local garden among the flowers. Absorb the natural energy the planet has to offer just like you absorb other people's emotions. Being around nature can help you revitalize your spiritual energy.

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