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Lotus Path Holistics, Disclaimers and Guidelines
  • I try my best to fit the most important and prominent information I see inside your soul and throughout your past lives into each reading I provide you with here at Lotus Path Holistics. All the information I place in your reading is honestly what I see. I will not lie to you. I will try to give the best suggestions and advice to you based on what I have seen about you in your past. You might not like or agree with your reading. I respect that, so I expect you to respect me in return. I do not claim to be all-knowing, though I do know a lot. It is truly what you believe that counts.


  • The Lotus Path Curriculum is a course of study I have tried and tested through many years of academic and past-life research. You will find a potent variety of spiritual teachings around the world. I will never tell you who or what to trust. You should always trust yourself first. I find that the most trustworthy teachers will lead you down a balanced path and let you judge for yourself what is right and wrong by giving you the choice of free will.


  • My aim is to inspire humanity to seek its own spiritual advancement. I could only hope you learn to trust what you feel deep inside your soul instead of only what you can see with your eyes. I do not claim to know everything. In fact, I would argue that we all hold a piece of truth’s puzzle. I often discover new puzzle pieces to a grand truth every single day. We hope to inspire you to find your own and bring it forward to see where it could fit.


  • As a Spiritual Educator, It is my mission in life to help people like you become independent, soul-balanced, and consciously aware of who you really are. I stand by The Lotus Path Motto and I believe that soul-independence is key to a clear mind. Thus, there is no need for me to depend on outside sources of consciousness to achieve intuitive clarity. I do not channel extra-dimensional entities for guidance to perform my services. I do not request assistance from spirits or spirit guides to create my readings. I rely on my talent and skill to succeed.


  • My services are not a replacement for medical or psychological care and do not offer nor represent such services. If you are in a life-threatening situation, do not prioritize seeking out my services. instead, seek local aid and rescue assistance as soon as possible. If you feel self-destructive, call the 24-hr National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 and your call will be routed to the crisis center near you. If your issue is an emergency. call 911 or go to your nearest hospital.

  • Disclaimer of Liability: I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, business consultant, physical and mental health care professional of any kind, and my services do not replace the ones from the licensed professionals mentioned above. Please seek the proper care and expertise from the proper professional when it comes to legal, financial, business, and any type of health issues. I offer advice and suggestions to the best of my ability. I cannot guarantee the outcome of a psychic reading about your past, present, or future. I am not responsible for your actions or for any outcome following your reading. Specifically, I am not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that is related to my guidance and advice, reading, or website material.

  • Privacy Policy:

    • The photo(s) that you may send me are utilized only to perform a service for you and will be held in privacy.

    • I will not use your photo as a testimonial feature without your permission.

    • I will not read your past lives without your permission out of respect, especially because the most accurate readings are accomplished for those who willingly allow it.

    • The information you voluntarily provide via email or my contact form is collected for the purpose of providing you with a better customer service experience. Your information is safe and is not sold or traded.

  • Terms of Service:

    1. When you purchase services from Lotus Path Holistics, you agree to all seven Terms of Service.

    2. You agree that you have read and understood all the Disclaimers and Guidelines.

    3. You understand that full payment is required prior to the services you request.

    4. You understand that all payments and services rendered are non-refundable.

    5. You understand that Leonardo has the right to refuse a service request before payment is received.

    6. Leonardo does not provide services for clients under 18 years old unless the parent or guardian is present.

    7. All payments are sent through PayPal to Luna Dawn at Luna is a silent partner at Lotus Path Holistics. Luna contributes to content creation, manages social media marketing, and coordinates bookkeeping for

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