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Lotus Path Holistics, Testimonials and Recommendations
Testimonial Features - Melissa H..jpg

Director / Outreach Specialist
The Puerto RICO Project

"I was referred to Leonardo during a tough time. I was feeling a bit lost, confused, and in need of some real insight. First, Leo provided me with a free consultation and I fell in love with his energy, gifts, and personality and knew right away that I was divinely guided to him. I received the Past Life Therapy and Tarot Reading package. I am still in shock at how he described my past life that had the same EXACT theme in this life. He read my journey better than I knew it myself. Leo also provided me with some future insight that now I am feeling more confident than ever on which direction to go. I have been working non-stop ever since then on my future path. Thank you Leonardo for sharing your divine gifts with the rest of the world!!! I do plan on reaching out again if needed and referring everyone I know that needs some help figuring out their life!!!"

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Wellness Coach & Healer / Animal Communicator

"Wow! My interactions with Leonardo have been nothing short of astounding... First, he offered me a Free Consultation along with a Spiritual Energy Eeading where we met and he told me what he could see in my energy field. This was the most comprehensive energy reading I have ever received, by far, and it shed some light on some things that never quite added up for me before... I sat with this for a bit and then decided to come back to him for a Past Life Therapy session. We just did the past life session a couple of days ago, and even during this session, I could feel energetic shifts happening inside me - and I still feel these massive shifts occurring a couple of days later. The Past Life Therapy was amazing as well... Again, a lot of things that never really made sense to me started coming together for me. Not only that, but Leonardo was able to offer me guidance about what I could do on my own to complete the healing necessary... I'm still working on that, and yet, I feel absolutely clear that seeing Leonardo was just the step I needed to set me back on my path of healing and ascension. He's clearly an extremely gifted clairvoyant, and he's also a really kind-hearted person. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help understanding and breaking down blocks/patterns, past life work, or just feels drawn to him. Thank you again, Leonardo!"

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Karmic Resolution Facilitator / Past Life Tarot Reader

"Over a decade ago, I met Leo in an online spiritual community. We started sharing experiences we had with visions, energy, spirits, etc. Together, we learned how to see past lives and we immediately realized that we were soul family! Throughout the years, we've developed our spiritual skills and modalities from each other. We have such a profound and beautiful connection! We witnessed so many lives changing and so many people changing their lives for the better. He's an amazing Holistic Life Coach. He can see through time in new ways that I've never witnessed anywhere else! He's compassionate, intelligent, and an expert in Past Life Regression. I highly recommend Leonardo at Lotus Path Holistics, especially for anyone who wants to explore their deeper truth!"

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Spiritual Life Coach

"Working with Leo has been a transformative experience. I was looking for affirmation and direction for my life. He was able to provide that and much more. His energy reading was so spot-on! He identified all the emotional burdens that I carry within myself and then he gave me a personal blueprint on how to reach inner peace. His kindhearted and warm demeanor allows conversations to flow into an experience of true spiritual enlightenment. He is very knowledgeable and enjoys sharing his gifts and wisdom with others in such relatable ways. As a Life Coach myself, I highly recommend Leonardo at Lotus Path Holistics for genuine intuitive guidance!"

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"My life has had an enormous lift since I've worked with Leo! I purchased a Holistic Path Package with him and I'm oh so glad I did. He was so considerate of my busy schedule as well as our different time zones. So, he recorded my sessions and split them into three videos for me. The first video was about my present life. I could relate too, as I have a keen sense of my Chakra system so I knew he was spot on in his assessment. He offered ways I could find balance & through his insight, I immediately knew I needed to get back into my yoga. The second video was about my past and it has helped me understand WHY I do the things in this lifetime. I now feel more in charge of my actions. The last video was about my future. It was a glimpse of what tracks I could choose to go down. A combination of tarot reading, channeling & intuition are Leo’s tools of the trade & I cannot thank him enough for this guidance. It has given me confidence & calmness that I can conquer whatever eventuates in my world."

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"I had the pleasure of meeting Leonardo through a friend and during our first Tarot Card Reading, I immediately felt at ease with him because of his simple and kind demeanor. After a chat about various things, he began the Tarot Reading. I immediately noticed his alignment with the spiritual world. He addressed both the negative and the positive aspects of my concerns so accurately through the cards. Leonardo then explained to me what this meant about my future. He described in such detail how my actions need to be reconsidered to face certain situations with serenity. I really liked his way of speaking frankly and clearly. He has such a gift! He intuitively knew the answers I needed to hear to settle the questions on my mind. I am very satisfied with this experience with Leonardo. I am happy to know that I can turn to him for other Psychic Readings with confidence and trust."

"I started off requesting a Free Consultation. It really hit home. I then purchased a deeper the next day and it was scheduled for the next morning. So fast! I'm glad I received it earlier than expected. It took me a few hours to read in its entirety. It was very very detailed and deep. I actually started crying while reading only into the second page because I identified with it so much. I know he was telling me the truth. and some of it was part of a painful past. He also helped me adjust my second reading to a Chakra Cleansing on Zoom. because he thought it would benefit me the most. He really cares about people, which is the opposite of experiences I've had with other psychics. I am so happy though because I knew that he was shedding light on past situations I've had. I can see how it is STILL affecting my present, and I can take steps to resolve my issues. I would rather be told the painful truth rather than pretty lies. I've learned that pretty lies won't help me heal. Leo is very personable, with gentle energy. I recommend his services to anyone who wants to help better themselves. I've been waiting all my year for a reading to help with my issues and I've looked at many spiritual readers. but I'm so glad that I found Lotus Path Holistics! So, do yourself a favor and book a reading today because it was more than worth it for me. I prayed for him, I asked. and I found him."

“WOW! Where to begin? What have I learned? This quote sums it up! 'Without awareness of past, we cannot attain awareness of future 'now‘s.' I had an Introductory Reading with Leonardo and followed this up with another reading about my past lives. After receiving the reading, the awareness of me now. has changed my life!!! I really do feel like he has taught me to ‘spread my wings and fly!‘ Gratitude, beyond words. I am blessed to have found him and received his guidance. Thank you Leo, for bringing me to the Lotus Path and showing me the way. I would definitely recommend Leo's services to anyone!!!"

"I absolutely appreciate Leonardo! From the very beginning, I could tell he was a professional and part of a caring team. I purchased a past life reading about me and my daughter. I wanted to know more about our deep connection. I am extremely pleased with the results. Everything he had to say about her and I resonated so accurately with my soul. I highly recommend the Lotus Path and will continue to consult him!!!"

"I recently purchased a past life reading and I was very impressed with the level of detail in my reading! Lotus Path readings are different from conventional psychic readings I've experienced out there, the emphasis is less on questions of fortune (such as, “Will I win the lottery?" or "Will this relationship work out?"). Rather, the reading is focused on past lives and serves to highlight parallels in this current life. My chakras and auras were also investigated and explained. Further, strategies are offered to help overcome present-day situations that may have their root in past life experiences. I have found that very helpful and I feel that I now have the tools to make a great change. In sum, I recommend the Lotus Path to anyone who may have curiosity regarding their past lives and much more!"

“I would definitely recommend an intuitive reading from Lotus Path Holistics! I have been telling all of my friends and family about his creative website and positive vibes. Not only was I super excited awaiting my reading, but I was also very pleased with the end result. My reading was so accurate and matches my life today. I'm glad now I know where my stresses come from and he was kind enough to give me a detailed pathway forward from here. l would highly recommend his services to anyone! He has a beautiful soul with lots of great advice to share."

"My Introductory Reading was so great! I related so much to what he had to say about my past lives. So I went ahead and got a five-page Past Life Reading so he can expand on that past lifetime of mine. My life has never made so much sense! Leo is so awesome and truly dedicated to his craft. I will forever be a client because each one of his readings really hits home with me. His vision of my aura was so spot on with how I feel every day. Talent! I found out my son has been one of my best friends since the beginning of time and that means so much to me. And now I know whom to trust in relationships too. Thank you again!"

"Leon is a remarkable spiritual reader. Muy rnagnifica! I stumbled upon his page in a darker part of my life and because of his intervention, honestly, I've never felt better. I was always very curious about my past lives from my own spiritual background in mysticism and Brujeria. So I went ahead and purchased an Introductory Reading. Leon was so spot-on about a lot of troubling thoughts I had swimming in the back of my mind. So I decided to take a chance to get his past life healing therapy and I will admit that I was very impressed, incredible experiences. He naturally knew how to identify my resurfacing emotional burdens today and how each one was linked to my past lives. His healing methods have changed my life for the better. Muchas gracias.”

"Leonardo, Thank you for helping me find my Lotus Path and for all your clarity and insight. I feel that he was very honest and forthcoming with me. He wasn't afraid to tell me the truth, even though it was hard to swallow. It was delivered with pure intentions, I felt that. He's a very talented psychic and I highly recommend him. If you want a real true perspective of where your life is going, trust him and he will give it to you straight. Thank you again and I will definitely be requesting more services in the future. Many blessings!"

“l highly recommend Lotus Path Holistics to anyone who wants quality spiritual guidance at a reasonable rate. I honestly feel like l hit the jackpot when I met Leonardo. When I read about his brand new way of looking at past life therapy, I booked right away and it was absolutely worth every penny. It was very different from the hypnotherapy I was used to. He has incredible spiritual talents and his past life therapy sessions were exceedingly effective in helping me progress on my own spiritual path. If you‘re looking for a skillful psychic with a good heart, you are in the right place. I promise you.”

"l absolutely ADORE Leonardo!!! He is a great guy and so down to Earth. I have had a very personal reading with him and it was just RIGHT ON with everything!!! He is a legitimately gifted clairvoyant and l was impressed with his accuracy and attention to detail! I have told all my co-workers all about him and recommended my friends to Leo's website on numerous occasions! I would DEFINITELY recommend these holistic psychic services to anyone and everyone <3"

"Love. Love. LOVE the Lotus Path! Leo is a remarkable psychic! He is so kind and very knowledgeable about spirituality. I won his firstvever Facebook contest and I was gifted an in-depth Past Life Reading out of the kindness of his heart. My goodness, his reading of me was so on-point that I really couldn't believe it. But now, I'm a true believer, past lives are real! I would highly recommend Lotus Path Holistics for exploring your past lives."

"I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Lotus Path Holistics team! Leonardo is extremely amazing with people!!! His energy is only out of pure love and guidance. He doesn't have an ego when I speak to him and it’s only about helping me understand and remember who I am after what has been done to me in this lifetime. He is so knowledgeable, very responsive, and on the ball with my requests. You can tell he loves what he does and only wishes to share with you what he knows to better help you. Everything he has told me fits me like a key to my personality and specific events that happened in my life as it pertains to the past. Leo has become so close to me, helping me so much, and makes me feel like he's my mentor and friend. I prayed so hard for genuine spiritual mentors that I can connect with and he showed up instantly in my life. l completely admire Leo and his services! I will forever be a client. It was totally worth it."

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