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Lotus Path Holistics, Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Past Life Therapy you offer and standard Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the practice of putting a person under hypnosis (or a hypnotic trance) to communicate with their subconscious and to therapeutically tap into their past life memories from their higher mind.
The main goals of Past Life Regression Therapy techniques at Lotus Path Holistics are to achieving spiritual, multidimensional, and past life awareness. By breaking down the barriers between your spiritual and physical consciousness. I can teach you how to master the skill of being able to see past lives without the necessity of a meditative state or hypnotic trance.
Everyone has experienced a past life memory before through a dream, daydream, or even through meditation. Making sense of these spiritual experiences you are having is my specialty.

How can a Past Life Reading make an impact in my life today?
Past Life Readings tend to be life-defining, but in which ways they change your life is all up to you. Your emotional efforts after you receive your reading from me are key in making the most out of your purchase. No one ever wants to make the same mistake twice; It's the same concept with past lives. When I raise the awareness of your past mistakes and imbalances, fix them to the best of your abilities if they have been repeated in this lifetime. Take the necessary steps to live a life free of karma and consequence by embracing change.

Knowledge of relevant past life memories will help you:
• Expand your conscious awareness.
• Rediscover ancient skills, talents, and knowledge.
• Learn karmic lessons through past life exploration.
• Embrace your past lives to discover your soul purpose.
• Recognize which past lives you are reliving now.
• Reconnect with significant others you've known for eternity.
• Validate the fidelity of your current relationships.
• Alleviate emotional stress, pain, and anxiety.
• Heal emotional scars through accepting the pain within.
• Attain peace and balance by clearing emotional blockages.

Past Life Therapy can positively impact your life ONLY if you are emotionally open and willing to face your past life burdens. Reviewing past lives takes more than just curiosity to master; you need to be vulnerable, passionate, determined and have genuine faith in spirituality so that I can properly assist you in making extraordinary changes in your life.

What is the difference between Leonardo at Lotus Path Holistics and other spiritual practitioners? 
What sets me aside from other practitioners is my intention to bring you to the precipice of change in your life. There are two cornerstones to my personality that I have implemented into Lotus Path Holistics, one being the Lotus Path Motto: Independence, Balance, Awareness. The other is The Golden Question: "Why?"
It is more important to know why events happen in your life, rather than simply know that they happen. When you seek out my services, I do not hold back and I will not tell you what you hope to hear. I will tell you the truth. I will tell you why your life has happened the way that it did and what is the purpose. I will tell you why you chose your path and what comes of it. With my guidance, you will not only find the truth, but you will leave knowing why. "Why?" is the most powerful tool at your disposal and it can better enhance your conscious awareness.
With other spiritual practitioners, you might find the surface answers you were looking for. At Lotus Path Holistics, you will find your answers held together by a deeper truth you might not have expected, but you needed to hear.
How do I know which reading is best for me?
You can always consult with me via email. Tell me about your experiences and background anytime. I can then suggest a reading that best suits you. Before contacting any spiritual practitioners, always be clear with who you are now and what you want to know. Listen to your desires and express them to the practitioner you choose to inquire with. A clear intention goes a long way in helping any service provider assist you.
What is the difference between a Past Life Reading and a Spiritual Health Analysis?
A Spiritual Health Analysis is done by a spiritual practitioner with advanced training and sharp energetic awareness. As you train your Soul Eye (3rd eye) to see beyond the physical realm, you can develop an array of intuitive gifts over a lifetime to see chakras and auras as I do. When I give you a Spiritual Health Analysis, I will tell you what your physical and spiritual energy bodies look like. I will describe to you the balance and imbalances in your chakra, auras, and the areas surrounding your soul.
A Past Life Reading is done by a spiritual practitioner with extensive education in the art of Past Life Regression. I have trained many years to be fluent in these practices and I know the language of soul energy very well. I read the past lives located in your soul's dormant memories stored in the chakras and aura bodies. When I give you a Past Life Reading, I present to you your true story filled with experiences I see connected to what blocks you from achieving your soul's purpose or about the subject matter of whatever it is that you're looking to know.
How do I keep energetically balanced after receiving a Chakra & Aura Body Analysis (Spiritual Health Analysis)?
When I give you a Chakra & Aura Body Analysis, I will tell you what your physical and spiritual energy bodies look like and describe to you the state of energetic balance and any abnormalities I see within you. To stay emotionally and energetically balanced. make physical changes in your life prevent emotional distress and attempt to fix the energetic imbalances you have through the practices of meditation and holistic reflection.

How will my love life Improve after receiving a Relationship Reading?

The biggest issue that stunts the quality of any relationship is emotional integrity. Sometimes it even takes years to figure out if someone isn't the right fit for you. When you receive a Relationship Reading from me, I can help you speed up the process of your search by showing you if a specific relationship worked out or not in your past lives. This can help your love-life by raising your awareness of a relationship mistake in your past so you never repeat it again. Knowing this information helps you focus on what love means to you and finding the one that loves you back quicker through an acknowledgment that that person exists.

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