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Humanity has been around much longer than historians can record, before the creation of Earth and even beyond that! We've been on this planet for thousands of years within cycles of life called Reincarnation. Reincarnation is the wheel of the world through which people live lifetime after lifetime in different places in time with the purpose of learning Karmic Lessons and purifying genetic impurities. Past Lives are a series of memories that a person collects during the many lifetimes they've experienced within those cycles.

We've all been reliving our past lives in subconscious ways. We surround ourselves with friends and family that we've met before in previous lifetimes and we even date lovers we've connected with more than once. Life-long friendships that we make are no accident at all. Every human on this planet has an ancient soul at the center of countless relationships with others that have lasted for eternity.

When you were born in this lifetime, you already knew all your past lives. Your personality is a product of so much dormant past life history written within our soul consciousness. Seeing these past lives is a natural phenomenon that most people have forgotten how to do when they were very young, at the moment they lost touch with their innocence. Rekindling this latent ability has been made possible in various ways through the present-day development of Regression Therapies.

We've all experienced past lives through our own dreams, daydreams, imagination, and even through visions in meditative states. Allow me to reveal the mysteries of your soul that have been forgotten for an entire lifetime. You've been reliving your past lives day-to-day and there is so much value in comprehension of which one you might be reliving right now. The knowledge you will receive from Past Life Therapy will help you resolve karmic debts and give you the power you need to make significant changes in your present life, which will then positively influence your future choices.

Past Life Therapy can help you...

• Expand your conscious awareness.
• Rediscover ancient skills, talents, and knowledge.
• Learn karmic lessons through past life exploration.
• Embrace your past lives to discover your soul purpose.
• Recognize which past lives you are reliving now.
• Reconnect with significant others you've known for eternity.
• Validate the fidelity of your current relationships.
• Alleviate emotional stress, pain, and anxiety.
• Heal emotional scars by accepting the pain from within.
• Attain peace and balance by clearing emotional blockages.

Past Life Regression is a form of Hypnotherapy that recovers memories from the subconscious mind while a person is in a trance state. I have created a form of Regression Therapy that uncovers your past life memories while you're consciously awake and aware of your experiences. By safely breaking down the walls between your spiritual and physical consciousness, I've mastered the ability to see past lives without the necessity of a hypnotic trance or meditative state.

I have trained for a decade and studied various spirituality modalities along the way. Through my diverse educational background combined with my natural-born spiritual talent, I have uncovered the tools that enabled me to recreate a most balanced and efficient form of Past Life Therapy. This technique provides me with the ability to experience past life memories through the emotional resonance (advanced empathy through clairvoyance) of soul consciousness combined with a skilled focus on the unification of the conscious and subconscious mind. This is a new Past Life Regression healing technique that repairs broken pathways from within your soul energy that I call Emotional Soul Resonance Therapy.

Emotional Soul Resonance Therapy is efficient and effective Regression Therapy that enhances conscious awareness and strengthens emotional resonance through cognizant exploration of past life memories. ESRT is a powerful yet natural style of Regression Therapy that will reestablish your past life awareness by strengthening your ability to spiritually connect with your conscious awareness.

Your most painful experiences from past lifetimes are dormant energetic wounds that have become barriers between your conscious and subconscious minds. I call these energetic walls Emotional Blockages. Realizing and releasing these energetic blockages one by one triggers a healing process that will reconnect your physical and spiritual consciousness. The emotional resolution of your most traumatic past life memories is the most effective way to learn and experience Past Life Regression.

Knowing about your past lives will make you resourceful, but becoming spiritually aware of your past lives gives you the power to create a better future. To legitimately experience your past lives, you first need to learn some basic spiritual disciplines.
 How can you possibly comprehend past lives if you do not know where they come from? My Curriculum is my one-of-a-kind course of study that explains precisely where past life memories are stored in the human body:

Past Life Therapy

1 hour session

I will first unravel your past life awareness with a Chakra Cleansing. This energy healing technique will reveal predominant memories in each chakra in ascending order. Evaluating the emotional memories within your spirit will uncover past lives that are most relevant to the karmic lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime.


I will perform a Past Life Reading focused on a question or past life memory of your choice. This includes comprehensive details of ancestral bonds, romantic relationships from a past life, and/or identifying your karmic cycles. This will help you resolve your karmic life lessons before they repeat this time around.


CHAKRA CLEANSING: Emotional energy builds upon the surface of your chakras over time, which blocks you from accessing your soul essence. Releasing these past life memories in the same order that the chakras express themselves cracks the surface so that your soul energy shines through.

Relationship Reading

1 hour session

A Spiritual Health Analysis focused on the connection between two people will give you clarity on the spiritual health and emotional chemistry of the relationship.

I will perform a Past Life Reading focused on the course of the relationship between two people. This will reveal if the relationship lasted in past lives and how the same obstacles you've faced before may repeat in this lifetime.

I will assess the relationship and perform a Compatibility Analysis about a couple's potential to have a successful relationship and how to ensure its longevity if plausible.


RELATIONSHIP READING: I suggest that both partners in the relationship be present during the session so that maximum healing can be attained, but that is not mandatory to book this reading.

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