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The Power of Conscious Awareness

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

“The Golden Question”

Consciousness is the most powerful and underestimated force of power in the universe. Every living soul has a Conscious Awareness which is comprised of a duality between your actions and intentions. This is a state of mind that affects our daily lives through the emotional decisions we make and the physical engagements we carry forward. But even though actions speak louder than words, decisions derived from your conscious thoughts have more significance than you would think because, without them, nothing could happen in the first place. Thoughtful and intentions together create meaningful actions and vice versa. Like Buddha once said, “What we think, we become.” What we think really does matter! Thoughts are forces that create fields of probability around us. Your thoughts and intentions have the strongest influence on the outcome of your life and together, they can help you achieve almost anything.

Thoughtful Intention is the pinnacle of conscious awareness. The mainstream media knows it as the "Law of Attraction" and it really is not as simple as using focused awareness to manifest the reality you want. Thoughtful intention is a vital skill you need to fully activate your own conscious awareness. The key to awakening your awareness into an advanced conscious state is first learning how to feel your thoughts. Thoughts might seem separate from emotions at times, but I assure you that they are one and the same. As an expert Clairvoyant, I can see energy in the human body and I've studied it for many years and compiled my findings in The Lotus Path Curriculum. Thoughts energetically register as a type of emotion. They are emotional responses to logical stimuli and they illustrate the inception of consciousness. Thoughts open the door for consciousness to become aware. But to make the most of your thoughts, you need to master the power of your voice next. Your voice is an influential tool and it has an important link to your thoughts. Words have the power to focus thoughts into precise strands of energy, further clarifying the relevance of your various thoughts. For example, your voice can simplify your imagination into tangible fragments of creativity. Your imagination lives within your thoughts and as we all know, imagination can sometimes run wild. But when you start to speak to yourself and reason with the limits of your time and supplies, creativity is born. You suddenly need to be creative to transform a broad imagination into something a simple as a painting. The true essence of manifestation is creativity. It is your creative spark that gives your words power. For that reason and more, you need access to the power of your voice to bring you closer to the attainment and fulfillment of your passions in life. Mastering the power of the spoken word is about focusing energy in the right direction. How you communicate your thoughtful intentions reveals your capacity to turn your dreams into reality. As a Spiritual Educator, I’ve received numerous questions from my student about past lives and present mysteries. All of those questions carry meaning, but some more than others. In all my years, I found the most powerful question that I have encountered while teaching my students the wonders of conscious awareness:

If you want to learn how to awaken your spirituality, start by learning thoughtful intention. It's important to acknowledge the power of your thoughts and how they express themselves in subconscious ways through what you say. What you say about yourself is usually an accurate indicator of what you become. So make sure that your thoughts and your words are both focused on the same goals in your life. You can secure that focus with the power of your voice, specifically through the questions you ask.

Questions are full of dominant emotions. Questions have the power to open doors, promote change, and even obscure reality. When you start to fully grasp how your words can elevate your conscious awareness, a simple question can start a whole new chapter in your life.

When a student comes and asks me "How do I awaken my spirituality?", my immediate response is "You start by asking the right question." Start by asking The Golden Question: "Why?" If you want significant answers, you need to ask significant questions! Stop asking about what things mean and start asking why those things have meaning. Stop asking about how to achieve your goals and start asking why those goals were set for you in the first place. Start asking questions that begin with "Why?" and you will receive much more meaningful answers.

The Golden Question is meant to make you question your reality and reevaluate the meaning of your life. When you transform your mediocre questions into powerful ones using this golden rule, your words will always carry thoughtful intention. Spirituality is a captivating journey with the potential for great change. So to make sure your most profound questions lead to a spiritual awakening, always consider asking "Why?"

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