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Lotus Path Holistics, The Curriculum
The Lotus Path Curriculum

“While unearthing various past lifetimes, I have collected an abundance of knowledge about humanity and its great journey. The Lotus Path Curriculum is the accumulation of all that intelligence, which includes the fundamentals of spiritual energy, consciousness, the path to enlightenment, and an understanding of the metaphysical building blocks of our reality. I hope to help you discover the life-path best fit for you. Everyone has the potential to become enlightened, and it is just a matter of time until each one of us reaches the light.”


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Founder of Lotus Path Holistics

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Request the entire e-book along with any purchase.

Spiritual Energy Reading

30 min session

A Spiritual Health Analysis of your auras, chakra system, and soul energy pathways will reveal any energetic imbalances in your physical and spiritual energy bodies. I will then examine your soul essence and determine your best path back to spiritual equilibrium.


My Spiritual Life Advisory will bring you holistic guidance and suggestions that'll keep you on a road towards spiritual wellness to the benefit of your overall health.


Soul Path Reading

1 hour session

I will analyze the Numerology of your name and birthday. This will reveal the Tarot Key you were born through and its Astrological significance, as well as how your Life-Path Number has influenced the trajectory of your life.


A Spiritual Health Analysis of your soul energy will reveal the fitness of your inner spirituality and how accurately you have followed your soul path in this lifetime.


I will perform a Soul Reading that will uncover your soul nature. This will reveal the right soul path, life purpose, career choices, and/or romantic decisions for you. I will examine your spiritual essence and then determine your best path towards a life of fulfillment.


NUMEROLOGY: I will utilize your birthdate to calculate your life-path number and further analyze through Tarot Arcana and Astrology how universal numbers have influenced your soul path.

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