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The 4 Pillars of Holistic + Wellness

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The Holistic Principles of the Lotus Path

It has been an honor teaching Spirituality and Past Life Regression for the past decade. Through the years, I have acquired valuable knowledge about the world we live in and the universe we came from. I have spent years studying the vast mysteries of spirituality, religion, and mysticism. And through the study of Past Lives, I've realized that spirituality has such a heavy influence on our humanity.

Spirituality is the sense of connection you have to the world around you. When you look deep within and you feel a connection to something bigger than yourself, that's your spirituality kicking in. This part of your psyche establishes the meaning of your life and the purpose for your existence. Your spirit is the most tender part of your humanity and it orbits your Soul Center. Your inner child and life-long ambitions both sprout from your spirit.

Spirituality is a lifestyle based on your integrity and choices, but the strength of that spirit is equal to the internal balance of your soul. A person with balanced soul energy is a person who knows who they are with clarity and is in strong alignment with their purpose. Your spirituality is a connection to your own higher power, which is connected to all that is divine. You can find it through creativity, in nature, and on the journey to self-discovery. And through it all, spirituality is still only one of many paths through which we can see the world.

The health and wellness of your spiritual lifestyle are key to self-development. That's why it is important to regard every part of the human psyche so that you can be sure your spirituality is positively affecting every aspect of your life. Through Holism, we can build a much stronger foundation to build spirituality upon. Holistic Spirituality is a transcendent journey for the health and wellness of your mind, body, and soul. For spirituality to make a maximum impact in our lives, we must embrace it holistically. Let's do that together by exploring spirituality through the four facets of human existence:

These 4 Pillars are the Cornerstones of Human Life

The Four Pillars are based on the Four Worlds of Kabbalistic Mysticism, which details the four types of human consciousness in their own emanations. These pillars are the foundation of the Elements of Creation in Lesson 3 of The Lotus Path Curriculum. The Four Pillars also draw influence from the four suits of the Minor Arcana of The Tarot. By understanding the origins of the Four Pillars, we can begin to understand how these different parts of our lives are universally organized:

The Physical Pillar

The first pillar describes life through physical consciousness. It is the pillar of sensations of the body and its sexuality with others. It is about family, the home, security, and safety. This pillar is also about money, finances, and wealth.

The Mental Pillar

The second pillar describes life through mental consciousness. This pillar involves the thoughts in the mind and the ideas we focus on before we take actions. Perception and intuition are very important to this pillar. It is also about communication, talking, and making conversation.

The Emotional Pillar

The third pillar describes life through emotional consciousness. This pillar is about our feelings, sensitivities, and vulnerabilities as well as how we use empathy. It's about the romantic, familial, and friendly connections that we make with others.

The Spiritual Pillar

The fourth pillar describes life through spiritual consciousness. This pillar is about the character of your soul consciousness. It's about your passions in life and what you create. Through this pillar, you walk the path to find your purpose in life and set the goals you'd like to achieve. Faith, religion, and your belief systems sit upon this pillar, as well as your innocence and sense of self.

These Four Pillars are equally significant to establishing sustainable health and wellness. Regardless of which pillar you begin your journey on, you will finish on a foundation of all Four Pillars if you want to make long-lasting advancements in your life. The Spiritual Pillar is the central column that human life stands upon. The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pillars are the surrounding columns that support and protect the spirit. That is why Holistic Spirituality is a guiding light on the journey to self-discovery.

These three words are the Holistic Principles of the Lotus Path and they have paved the road for my students to progress knowing who they are, where they belong, and being empowered from the inside out. They will help you understand how to navigate your spiritual development:

  • To be Soul-Independent is to find value in who you are as an individual beyond the approval of others and to reclaim your power as an adult by embracing your spirituality as well as the pure lessons of your innocence.

  • To be Soul-Balanced is to achieve sufficient physical and emotional health, to heal from the deepest wounds that hold you back from your greatest potential so that you may live a balanced life filled with love and opportunity.

  • To be Soul-Aware is to know exactly who you are deep down, to accept your individuality and authenticity by reaching an enlightened mental state of conscious awareness that promotes your true purpose in life.

The Lotus Path Motto was built upon The Four Pillars: INDEPENDENCE sits atop the Spiritual Pillar, which establishes your purpose for exploring spirituality. BALANCE is a combined force that sits atop both the Physical and Emotional Pillars, which promotes the healing of your greatest traumas and spreads that recovery across lifetimes. AWARENESS sits atop the Mental Pillar, which enhances your perceptions to be able to see into other dimensions and into your past lifetimes.

There are an infinite amount of ways you can apply the Four Pillars to your own life lessons. Watch as I discuss the matters of the heart in The Four Pillars of Love and Relationships. In this video, I explain how to apply the four consciousnesses to your love life. By studying the different layers of the human psyche, you can then comprehend how to love and be loved.

Spirituality has been severely misunderstood and deeply underestimated. This world does not really know the full impact of the power of spirituality yet. Humanity is taught to expect that religion can give us the meaning of life through obedience to divine laws. But spirituality cannot be found in a temple or in a holy book. It can only be found within yourself. So to remedy these confusions, it has become my life's mission at Lotus Path Holistics to help humanity bridge the gap between spiritual health and holistic wellness.

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