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How to Maintain Healthy Relationships

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

“Love and Relationships explained by a Clairvoyant”

There are almost eight billion people on Earth and an infinite number of planets that are circling the boundless stars in the night sky. Modern science has proven that we are made of the same elements as the stars above, yet sometimes we can barely see the big picture of how connected we truly are. But what of our timeless bond with our parents and our deep-rooted connection to nature? You don't really need to go far to see just how you fit right into this world like a puzzle piece. Evidence of that has been around you all along since the moment you were born.

From the beginning, you were born through the miracle of maternal conception. But long before your physical body formed in the womb of your mother, you first entered the world in spirit. And at the center of that spiritual conscious awareness is the seat of the human soul. We're all born with a soul made of powerful energy that is majestically beautiful and pure. To the trained eye of a Clairvoyant Practitioner, souls are as bright as stars. Makes sense, doesn't it? If we really are living breathing conscious forms of stardust, then our souls are surely made of those same ancient lights that shine down from the heavens.

Stars stand millions of miles apart from each other, but they are never really alone. Surrounded by several planets and sometimes even dwarf stars, stars are so powerful that their gravity pulls friendly objects into their orbit. That same force of gravity is similar to how we humans pull people into our lives.

Have you ever felt so attracted to someone that the energy is so enticing and you cannot stay away? Like gravity, once you're in orbit of that person, you can't help but circle around them like an asteroid circles around its closest star. That feeling comes from the energetic push and pulls between two human souls. A Soul Connection is made between two people when they pull towards each other instead of pushing away from one another, which then sparks the connected bond upon collision.

Soul connections are rooted in that initial spark of energy created when the bond between two people sets about. This connection is made up of emotional bonds that tether two souls into a Relationship. When souls are linked into a deep connection based on experience and choice like in a relationship, energetic pathways creates an emotional link through which two people can exchange experience, learn lessons, and grow together.

A relationship is a bond from one soul to another

There are many types of relationships that two people can create or one person may inherit. You may create connections within your family or even make new bonds with friends from work. All friends don't have to be lovers and all family members don't need to be friends. Every relationship in your life is unique and specific to the preferences of the two people on each side of the bond. Most notorious is a romantic relationship that you may foster between yourself and another person you adore.

Once a soul connection transforms into a romantic bond unified by a conscious promise to stay together, it enters a phase that I call a Soul Partnership. A Soul Partnership is a connection that becomes a deeply romantic and passionate relationship when two people make an agreement to protect and cherish one another (a committed relationship). A romantic spark between partners may create a deep affection when regarded with genuine compassion and supported by emotional chemistry. Love is that blooming affection supported by devotion and it is a blessing on a couple's journey.

When you're in a loving relationship, your life is no longer a singular experience. Your sexuality, happiness, sadness, fears, insecurities, and strengths are now a shared experience with your partner. Love creates an everlasting bond filled with creativity and empathy. When you attain this type of spark, even your inner child is now partnered up with theirs. You will see life through their eyes and vice versa. When you enter into a loving committed relationship, you essentially become partners for life.

Healthy relationships are sustained by empathy

A healthy committed relationship encompasses all relationship types into one single bond. Two lovers will become not only good friends, but the bond will start a new foundation for family and share a sexual emotional bond that will last a lifetime. Scary, right? Yea I said it, a lifetime. When a committed loving relationship takes off, it sparks a flame between two people that is unique. It's like hieroglyphics on your heart that tell the history of your love life. You can try to forget, but your soul remembers those connections like it was yesterday. This is why you always carry a shred of romantic remembrance, which may be confused for romantic feelings towards your ex-lovers.

Healthy partnerships are compassionate and empathic foundations from which love may prosper. Romantic relationships thrive off of a couple's common mission to protect the spark they've created between them. There should be unconditional acceptance of your partner's flaws and a keen determination to make your partner smile. A couple at this level of maturity in a relationship should flourish because of that initial romantic spark that cracked on from the very beginning. Two people can stay healthy partners by nurturing and protecting that spark. In my line of work, I have observed several healthy relationships blossom with the assistance of my spiritual guidance:

6 Spiritual Ways to Preserve a Healthy Relationship

  1. Cherish your beginnings: Life can get stressful sometimes and that stress can easily affect the balance in your relationship. You share a spiritual and emotional bond with your partner, therefore emotions can easily bounce back and forth between you two. Learn to remember the good times and remind your partner of those beautiful moments that made you fall in love in the first place. Honor and cherish those memories from the beginning of your journey and adorn those moments in time with nostalgic glory. Have a date night once a month. Reminiscing about the good ol' days will spiritually secure the emotional balance in the relationship.

  2. Introduce your inner child: When you get into a committed relationship, your emotional promises of loyalty and fidelity establish a deeply spiritual bond. You become the protector of your partner's innocence, which means you also put your innocence in the palm of their hands. Your pure memories, your innocent inspirations, and even your childhood trauma are now bare for your partner to see. This is the core of the vulnerability you may feel when you establish a romantic spark with someone special. This is also the reason why you will tend to look to your partner for parental support in times of need. If so, this means you probably haven't introduced your inner child. Start by having long chats about your childhood. Make him or her very familiar with your inner child and your unfiltered opinions about the world you grew up in. Don't be afraid to have fun and enjoy a little childish excitement with the love of your life.

  3. Learn your partner's love language: We each come from unique cultural and societal backgrounds. All of the lessons we've learned on our journey into adulthood have molded the way we share affection. Though it may seem like love is a universal concept that everyone comprehends, it definitely is not. Ask anyone who is well-traveled or is friends with an international crowd of people like myself. Cultural influences play a huge part in implementing our standards in relationships. Believe it or not, some cultures don't believe in hugs, kisses, or even saying the words "I love you" out loud. Regardless of where you were born or what you were taught about love, it doesn't change your spiritual needs in a relationship. A loving relationship is a spiritual emotional bond between two people. It is natural to love and want to be loved in return. So make sure you are expressing your love language to your partner and that they do the same. Compare notes and learn how your partner wants to be loved.

  4. Make sexuality an emotional experience: When adoration blossoms into a romantic spark, a couple gives birth to a sacred bond that looks like an energetic dance between two stars. From time to time, you'll feel the love you carry with your partner ebb and flow. That is what that dance between souls feels like. When that powerful fluctuation of energy between lovers starts to gain momentum due to the emotional excitement, it causes that spiritual dance to manifest physical sexual energy waiting to be released. Sex easily becomes a natural part of a committed relationship because sexuality is a physical expression of our emotional thoughts and desires. Sex is an emotional experience, so treat it as such. Communicate your desires to your partner. You can also use sexuality to heal the wounds of past trauma. A long-lasting emotionally vulnerable sex life is indicative of fantastic communication between a passionate couple.

  5. When conflict arises, empathize: During a peaceful night's rest or a deep meditative state, you are accessing the natural balance of your conscious awareness. But when you wake, reality can really shake your steady foundation and cause stress that dominates the rest of your day. Things can get heated, especially when you sleep next to the same person for years and you feel cramped in your own space. It's natural to feel the pressure of responsibility and obligation weighing you down. That pressure can sometimes result in arguments with your significant other first before anyone else. They are the closest to your soul during moments of stress and they can feel your pain deeper than anyone. I often tell my clients that you sometimes never really know a person until you see how they resolve conflict and aggression. Instead of lashing out at your partner to relieve stress, express your deeper emotions so that they can empathize with you. Let their listening ears calm your nerves and use empathy to your advantage during conflicts of the heart.

  6. Distance does make the heart grow fonder: When you are in a committed relationship, the chemistry between a couple can be very intense. But truthfully speaking, we all need to put some time aside to be alone with our own thoughts. Don't be frightened by your partner's desire for occasional space. It is as natural as the ebb and flow of the sleep cycles in your circadian rhythms. Taking time to relax and comb through your inner thoughts is key to a healthy relationship with yourself as well as others. The same applies to the deep romantic bond you carry with your significant other. Meditation is a great way to find the inner peace that you need to personal sustain emotional balance. You can use that same meditation technique with your romantic partner. Meditating together is a fantastic way to not only deepen your emotional connection but also to take your psyche to a peaceful space adjacent to your lover's.

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