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Welcome to the Lotus Path, Where self-discovery creates spiritual awareness

I'm a Spiritual Medium specialized in Past Life Regression Therapy. As an expert Clairvoyant, I can see soul energy, chakras, auras, as well as spirits from beyond the veil. I also have the gift of Prophecy, with which I read Tarot Cards. I've integrated these three spiritual modalities here to offer you access to deeper guidance on your path towards spiritual development.

I created Lotus Path Holistics by unifying my passion for education and my natural talents with holistic principles. With over a decade of experience in the industry, it has become clear to me that a holistic approach is best suited for upholding spiritual evolution.

I have been called a “Path Finder” because I have a talent for creating gateways and building bridges for those who need to be reacquainted with their most suitable life path.
Your future is made of endless branching pathways to choose from, from which you have countless possibilities for your life. Allow me to guide you down your path so that you may reclaim your spiritual and physical potential through conscious self-discovery.

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Founder of Lotus Path Holistics

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Lotus flowers grow in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But, sooner or later, each lotus reaches the light, blooming into its full potential. The lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions, as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the muddiest waters, the lotus produces the most beautiful flower.
According to Buddhism, every person has the potential to become perfect and enlightened. Buddhists believe that it is necessary to be reborn thousands of times, polishing one's being through many incarnations, until one reaches nirvana –the highest state of consciousness that humans can access. So, the Buddha is sometimes depicted sitting on a lotus flower, symbolizing the one who overcame the pain that prevails in the material world and became enlightened, just like the lotus flower which starts to grow in the dirty and muddy water but manages to surpass the water and produce a perfect flower.
Like the lotus flower, your life started in the deep darkness of the abyssal womb where there was once nothing. Your seed was planted and you then began to sprout towards the light, forever reaching for its illuminating warmth. Obstacles have paved your path with opportunities to triumph over adversity. You overcame most of them, but some hurdles leave permanent scars that dissuade your path to enlightenment. No matter how lost you may feel, there is always a way to return to your Lotus Path.

These three words are the Holistic Principles of the Lotus Path and they have paved the road for my students to progress knowing who they are, where they belong, and being empowered from the inside out:

  • To be Soul-Independent is to find value in who you are as an individual beyond the approval of others and to reclaim your power as an adult by embracing your spirituality as well as the pure lessons of your innocence.

  • To be Soul-Balanced is to achieve sufficient physical and emotional health, to heal from the deepest wounds that hold you back from your greatest potential so that you may live a balanced life filled with love and opportunity.

  • To be Soul-Aware is to know exactly who you are deep down, to accept your individuality and authenticity by reaching an enlightened mental state of conscious awareness that promotes your true purpose in life.

I created the Lotus Path with the goal of bringing you closer to self-awareness and enlightenment. Your life is a uniquely profound journey from your past lives into your present circumstances. Your previous lifetimes affect your current one in subconscious ways. This is why it is so important for you to rebuild that pathway between the past and the present. By rediscovering who you are along in the process, you can better influence the trajectory of your future.


My Holistic Psychic Services will guide you down the right path to reclaiming your true potential through conscious self-discovery. My intuitive talents are focused on the careful balance between your past life experiences, your present-day spiritual wellness, and your future decision-making:

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In order for spirituality to make a maximum impact in your life, you must embrace it holistically. Holistic therapy is for the whole person: body, mind, and soul. Your spiritual health affects the rhythms of your physical body, organizes your mind, and governs your energetic balances. So it is important that you understand that your physical and emotional health depends on your relationship with the spiritual world. It is your job to make that relationship a healthy one.

As a Spiritual Educator, it is my mission in life to help people like you become independent, balanced, and consciously aware of who you really are. My curricula are built on holistic philosophies that will guide you with the right tools and knowledge to succeed on your spiritual journey. You can achieve optimal physical and spiritual health by attaining sustainable balance in your life. The Lotus Path is a bridge between you and your true potential. It is only a matter of time until you reach the doorway that stands between you and your spiritual development.

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