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"What is love? Ask anyone and you will get a unique answer based on years of experience. But ask a Past Life Regression Therapist and you will get an answer that spans several lifetimes. Throughout my years regressing past lives, I've acquired vast wisdom from witnessing how relationships stand against the test of many lifetimes. Some relationships struggle to survive and others continue to thrive. Regardless of the outcome, you deserve to find love."

If you're struggling to find love, you need a Love Path Reading! This service offers such a deep-rooted perspective of who you are as a person and the type of partner you are most compatible with. It also includes clarification of your future love life and an opportunity to confirm if someone you currently fancy is worth pursuing.

Love Path Reading

1 hour session

I will perform a Soul Reading that will uncover your potential for love by examining your spiritual essence. I will then reveal the love path best fit for you, what happened in past lives and how that may repeat in this present lifetime.

I will perform a Tarot Card Reading focused on your future love life and/or any question pertaining to past relationships and current romantic love interests:

  • Your first three-card spread will examine the circumstances of your love life as it stands right now and it will also foretell any issues left unresolved.

  • Your next three-card spread will bring clarity to your question and will reveal how you can overcome the obstacles that prevent you from finding love.

  • Your final three-card spread will give me visions of your future love life and provide clarity about the inevitable outcomes of your love path.


TAROT READING: A nine-card tarot reading is a minimum of what this package offers. But at any point during your sessions with me, I might pull more cards for you if I feel that my prophetic vision demands more clarity.

Skip all those years of guessing and checking if your significant other is your perfect match! When you purchase a Relationship Reading, you can get deeper answers about your lover than you've ever had before. The answers you seek are in past lifetimes together. If it happened before, it is likely to happen again in this lifetime.

Relationship Reading

1 hour session

A Spiritual Health Analysis focused on the connection between two people will give you clarity on the spiritual health and emotional chemistry of the relationship.


I will perform a Past Life Reading focused on the course of the relationship between two people. This will reveal if the relationship lasted in past lives and how the same obstacles you've faced before may repeat in this lifetime.

I will assess the relationship and perform a Compatibility Analysis about a couple's potential to have a successful relationship and how to ensure its longevity if plausible.


RELATIONSHIP READING: I suggest that both partners in the relationship be present during the session so that maximum healing can be attained, but that is not mandatory to book this reading.

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