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I am a Past Life Therapist, Energy Practitioner, and Tarot Reader. With the ability to see how your past, present, and future weave through the subconscious fabric of your conscious choices, I can help you find clarity regarding your soul's purpose. With over a decade of experience practicing and perfecting Past Life Regression, it became exceedingly clear to me that introducing holistic philosophies to my work was necessary for me to make a maximum impact in people's lives.

My psychic services are focused on the path between your past life experiences, your present-day spiritual wellness, and your future decisions. My intuitive clarity will help you discover and resolve the root of your physical or spiritual dilemmas in this lifetime. I will help you resolve karmic debts and give you the power you need to make significant changes in your life. I have prepared for you a comprehensive and cohesive selection of psychic services to choose from:

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I created Lotus Path Holistics with the goal of bringing humanity closer to self-awareness and enlightenment. It is my mission in life to help people like you become independent, soul-balanced, and consciously aware of who you really are. You need the right tools and knowledge to begin your own spiritual awakening. To remedy that, I have created a one-of-a-kind course of study that covers everything you need to achieve rudimentary soul balance. The Lotus Path Curriculum is FREE with any purchase as a gift and a reference to assist you with interpreting my Spiritual Health Analyses.

As a Spiritual Educator, I decided to integrate all my psychic modalities to offer you access to deeper wisdom on your path towards spiritual development. I've often been called a “Path Finder” because I have a raw talent for creating spiritual gateways and building emotional bridges for those who need to be reconnected with their most suitable life path. Allow me to guide you down your best path too so that you may reclaim your true potential through conscious self-discovery.

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Thank you for your continued interest in Lotus Path Holistics! It is my pleasure to be of service to all of Chicagoland and the world. To immediately accommodate you with answers, I suggest you review my website thoroughly, as it will provide you with all the essential information you need in preparation for a service request.

If you would like to know what makes my services so valuable
, what my readings are like, their similarities or differences, you will find answers in Frequently Asked Questions. For all other inquiries concerning my Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Code of Ethics, please review Disclaimers and Guidelines.

Let's get started! To submit a service request, please use the contact form below ⇣ Tell me about you and your experience with spirituality. What would you like to know about your past lives, spiritual health, and future possibilities? After we discuss what you're looking for, I can suggest what service is the best fit for you. I hope I get the opportunity to pave the road for you to progress, knowing who you are, where you belong, and spiritually empowered from the inside and out.

Thanks for submitting!

Intuitive Life Coaching

1 hour session

  • Spiritual Health Analysis of your auras, chakras, and soul energy

  • My holistic guidance will provide you with an innovative intuitive perspective on your life, so that you can discover and resolve the root of your physical or spiritual dilemmas in this lifetime.


Couples Counseling

1 hour session

  • Spiritual Health Analysis of your auras, chakras, and soul energy

  • Past Life Reading focused on the course of the relationship

  • I will perform a Compatibility Analysis about a couple's potential to have a successful relationship and how to ensure its longevity.


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