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Past Life Therapy

1 hour session

I will first unravel your past life awareness with a Chakra Cleansing. This energy healing technique will reveal predominant memories in each chakra in ascending order. Evaluating the emotional memories within your spirit will uncover past lives that are most relevant to the karmic lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime.


I will perform a Past Life Reading focused on a question or past life memory of your choice. This includes comprehensive details of ancestral bonds, romantic relationships from a past life, and/or identifying your karmic cycles. This will help you resolve your karmic life lessons before they repeat this time around.


CHAKRA CLEANSING: Emotional energy builds upon the surface of your chakras over time, which blocks you from accessing your soul essence. Releasing these past life memories in the same order that the chakras express themselves cracks the surface so that your soul energy shines through.

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